Thursday, April 16, 2009


Yesterday, April 15 was our little feast or the celebration of our patron here in our village. And the main event of this feast is the cock fighting, a very popular sport here in the Philippines. The cock fighting was held in an open area just in front from our house. Many people from other villages came just to join the cock fighting. Others were playing cards, tossing coins and some were just drinking while waiting for their entries for the said fight. It was so noisy, people kept on yelling especially when they started to get the bet for every fight. I didn't understand the terms they used when they were shouting for the money. All I know was, the fight was going to start as soon as the money pot reaches the minimum bet per game. So, Here are the photos from yesterday's little feast.

 My cousin's cock fighter.. and this cock won the game.

Used for toss coins (face down/face up)

From the right: My uncle, my father, my brother, my father's friend and our neighbor. They played "tong-its". I think it's like poker.