Monday, April 27, 2009


Are you wearing eyeglasses? How did you feel when you first began to wear your eyeglasses? I started wearing eyeglasses only a year ago. At first, I liked it because I chose the new design and new style of eyeglasses, but later I found out that wearing them can be very disturbing for me. My eyeglasses are not double vision or bifocals, so I only wear them if I am reading or writing. I can’t wear them if I am just doing something here around the house. Sometimes I was at the grocery store and I forgot to bring my eyeglasses, it was hard for me read the prices before buying the item. My far vision is not really bad but I can’t read, write or type anymore without them. This is also the reason why I don’t like to bring my cell phone if I will go out and I don’t have my eyeglasses, because even the text messages or SMS, I can’t read it anymore. So, my eyeglasses are very important to me now where ever I go. And so, for those who are not yet wearing eyeglasses, take good care of your eye sight because it is not easy or simple to wear eyeglasses, and if ever you really need to wear them, choose the light weight eyeglasses and not the heavy weight eyeglasses.