Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Elements

I met a man at my son’s school when my son has an entrance examination last Tuesday, March 31, 2009. He looks like he's Chinese because of his skin and eyes. While we're waiting for our kids, we were talking about holy week because this coming week is our holy week here in the Philippines . This man joined in our group, since we didn’t know him, we asked if he has also a child inside the room taking the exam and he said yes.

We continued our topic about things to do this holy week then this man; he told us that he has no religion. He only follows the “Element” he said. When I got home, I remember my eldest son has a book of Element so I opened it and here is the meaning of the Element.

The Elements and the Psychological Development of the Person.

Element: Water

Strengths : Dissolution, union and transformation

Weaknesses: Moodiness and unpredictable highs and lows

Element: Earth

Strengths : Stability and solidity; sustains growth

Weaknesses: Resistance to change.

Element: Air

Strengths : Inventiveness, originality and versatility

Weaknesses: Lack of emotion, depression, lack of connection with the higher self, overactive

mind that blocks inner peace and harmony.

Element: Fire

Strengths : Security, warmth of inspiration, self-confidence. Without fire, there is no radiance,

no conviction, no expression.

Weaknesses: Lack of interest, egotistic, excessive self-centeredness self-importance.

Do you know your Element? To which one do you belong? I am water and I laughed at my weaknesses because it’s true.

Photo from National Geographic