Thursday, April 30, 2009

Job Fair 2009

May 1, is our Labor Day here in the Philippines. SM Supermalls in partnership with DOLE (Department of Labor and Employment) and P.E.S.O. (Public Employment Service Office) will have a JOB FAIR 2009 on May 1st nationwide.

Last year’s Labor Day Job Fair was well-attended with the participation of over 800 invited companies. Due to its huge success, SM Supermalls management has made the job fair into an annual major project. This coming May 1, 2009, SM Supermalls will again be holding a nationwide simultaneous job fair. This year partnership with DOLE has opened up more opportunities for job seekers and fresh graduates.

E-mail this to your friends, family and relatives here in the Philippines if they are looking for a job. This is their chance to look for a job they like. Just bring 10 or more copies of their resume and transcript of records.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Flu Screen On at NAIA

The Ninoy Aquino International Airport has started screening arriving passengers for swine flu. Airport security chief said the Bureau of Quarantine is ready to isolate passengers with suspected swine flu. Chief Alfonso Cusi said tight thermal screening, especially for North American passengers, was being implemented as “foot-baths,” once used as a precautionary measure against Sars virus was restored.

Yesterday, some foreign travelers coming from Japan and Thailand were seen wearing face masks at the arrival area.

The Department of Health has advised travelers to reconsider plans to go to Mexico, the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Spain and Israel, which have been affected by the human swine flu virus.

In Central Luzon, Dr. Romeo Manalili, DA regional quarantine officer, said cases of swine flu occurred in the region three years ago but these were addressed by vaccination and there was no case of pig to human transmission.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My favorite song

I really like the lyrics of this song and I love to sing it also although the pitch is so high. And I always dedicate this song to my one and only honey, my husband. This is for you hon.

Forever's Not Enough

If I would have to live my life again
I’d stay in love with you the way I’ve been
Your love is something no one ever can replace
I can’t imagine life with someone else
I promise, I will share my life with you
Forever may not be enough it’s true
My heart is filled with so much love
I feel for you
No words can say how much I love you so

And if forever’s not enough for me to love you

I’d spend another lifetime baby,
If you ask me to
There’s nothing I won’t do
Forever’s not enough for me to love you so

They say tomorrow seems so far away,

And now we see that everything can change
My love for you gets stronger as tomorrow comes
I know this love will stand
In the test of time

And if forever’s not enough for me to love you

I’d spend another lifetime baby,
If you ask me to
There’s nothing I won’t do
Forever’s not enough for me to love you so

For you, there’s nothing I can’t do

And never will I ever go
Forever’s not enough to love you so
But if forever ends one day
I promise you
I’ll stay to show you
That my love will never end…

And if forever’s not enough for me to love you

I’d spend another lifetime baby,
If you ask me to
There’s nothing I won’t do
Forever’s not enough to love you so

And if forever’s not enough for me to love you

I’d spend another lifetime baby,
If you ask me to
There’s nothing I won’t do
Forever’s not enough for me to love you so

Wish you like the lyrics too..

Monday, April 27, 2009


Are you wearing eyeglasses? How did you feel when you first began to wear your eyeglasses? I started wearing eyeglasses only a year ago. At first, I liked it because I chose the new design and new style of eyeglasses, but later I found out that wearing them can be very disturbing for me. My eyeglasses are not double vision or bifocals, so I only wear them if I am reading or writing. I can’t wear them if I am just doing something here around the house. Sometimes I was at the grocery store and I forgot to bring my eyeglasses, it was hard for me read the prices before buying the item. My far vision is not really bad but I can’t read, write or type anymore without them. This is also the reason why I don’t like to bring my cell phone if I will go out and I don’t have my eyeglasses, because even the text messages or SMS, I can’t read it anymore. So, my eyeglasses are very important to me now where ever I go. And so, for those who are not yet wearing eyeglasses, take good care of your eye sight because it is not easy or simple to wear eyeglasses, and if ever you really need to wear them, choose the light weight eyeglasses and not the heavy weight eyeglasses.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Wedding Ceremony

Saturday, April 18 was my cousin’s wedding. We went to the wedding and my youngest son was the Bible bearer. The wedding was not a Catholic ceremony because the bride is not Catholic. They called the Best men and Brides maids as Ushers and Usherettes respectively. The ceremony took two hours. It was very long for me because I know for a Catholic ceremony; it will take up to 45 mins to one hour only. And the vows were not the same with the Catholic. After the ceremony, they also have like pinning of the money to the dress of the bride and groom but they were not dancing. Unlike with the Catholic tradition, the new couple will dance and the relatives of the bride will pin their money to the dress of the groom and the relatives of the groom will pin their money to the bride’s gown. They also have throwing of the bouquet to the groups of single ladies and whoever gets the bouquet will be the next bride, according to the folklore. Then, they also have getting the elastic ribbon from the leg of the bride by the groom. They have bursting of the balloons and inside the balloons were messages from the Bible for someone who will pick up the small rolled papers. For Catholic, we put those messages to the cake and not to the balloons. Slicing of the cake, drinking wine and flying of the 2 doves were also part of the wedding. The wedding started at 2:00 in the afternoon and we went home at 5:30.

The parents of the Bride. Look at the mother, she kept on crying 'til the ceremony finished. After the wedding, I asked her why she kept on crying and she said, her daughter is only 18 years old and she feel that somebody stole her daughter for the rest of their lives.

The tallest is my son named Janjan. The little kids are my nephews and nieces.

Janjan, the Bible bearer.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


Rosa is my new friend here in the blogland. She always visited my blog. Now, Rosa is asking for help from me. She joined a contest and she wants to win the said contest and that’s normal. As a friend, I will give her my full support and I wish she will win this contest.

Rosa is one of the participants of 1srt ever contest. She's asking help by posting an article saying you'll support her to win this contest. I am here showing my support for her.

If you want to help her, you can help by posting an article showing that you supported her in this contest. That’s all she needs from us. Just post to your blog that she joined a contest from

Friday, April 24, 2009

New Internet Connection

Hello World….

I was absent for almost a week here in blogland. I miss you all here. If you remember my previous post that I wanted to change my internet connection from dial-up to broadband, this is it now. I am using a broadband internet connection. It was so timely that the GLOBE company agents did a house to house visit introducing their broadband internet connection here in our place. They tried it with my computer and it was really fast. Imagine the speed, its 512 kbps compared to my dial up from PLDT that the speed was only 48 kbps. SMART Company has 384 kbps. I was supposed to apply with SMART because they are faster than my dial up but when the GLOBE agent introduced their product to me and I found that they are the fastest broadband internet connection, and the price is almost the same with the other broadband’s company, so I decided to get their services although it took a couple of days before they could install my connection and a couple of days again for the activation of my internet connection. But that is okay with me because it will be worth the wait. And now, I am so happy to have this broadband internet connection. I can now visit all my friends here everyday.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Yesterday, April 15 was our little feast or the celebration of our patron here in our village. And the main event of this feast is the cock fighting, a very popular sport here in the Philippines. The cock fighting was held in an open area just in front from our house. Many people from other villages came just to join the cock fighting. Others were playing cards, tossing coins and some were just drinking while waiting for their entries for the said fight. It was so noisy, people kept on yelling especially when they started to get the bet for every fight. I didn't understand the terms they used when they were shouting for the money. All I know was, the fight was going to start as soon as the money pot reaches the minimum bet per game. So, Here are the photos from yesterday's little feast.

 My cousin's cock fighter.. and this cock won the game.

Used for toss coins (face down/face up)

From the right: My uncle, my father, my brother, my father's friend and our neighbor. They played "tong-its". I think it's like poker.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dance Revolution

When I was young, I was not shy to dance infront of the people even if I am alone on the stage. My youngest son named Janjan, he is like me. He is not shy also to go up on stage and dance especially if they have programs at school. I asked my son if he can also dance like the man on this video and when he watched this video, he had good laughed with this. Try to watch the video.

Did I give you a good laugh?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

International Bloggers Community!

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Internet Connection

What is your internet connection? Is it dial-up or broadband? If you are using a dial-up internet connection like me, how do you react when you are doing your rounds to visit your friends in the blogoshpere. Right now I am still using this very slow, crawling like a snail internet connection and it made my mood feel a little bad if the blog I visited opens very slowly, especially if there are lots of widgets on the sidebars But in fairness to the company, because of being so slow, while I am opening a blog, I can do other things too like taking my shower lol and when I come back to my computer, the blog is completely opened. lol. But, next week, I wish, I will have my new internet connection and this time it is not dial-up anymore. It's broadband now. Wow, I can't wait to have it ready so I can some serious surfing.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Search Engine Promotion

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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Bloggers Award

Amy of amiableamy gave this award for me. I am not sure if my blog deserves this award. I feel now that I won best writer award in the blogland. Lol. Anyway, thank you Amz for giving this award to me and thank you also for supporting my blogs. You are such a good blogger too.

And now, I am giving this award to my friends here namely:

Augustinians, Beth, Bingkee, Dhemz, Cecile, Durianne, ghie, Gracia, Grace,

Hopeful, Kittykat, Meryl, Ritchiela, Shy, Techa, and Yen.

Enjoy your award guys.

Good Friday in the Philippines

Yesterday, Good Friday here, many devoted Catholics did their rituals again by imitating the suffering and death of Jesus Christ on the cross. Such practices, although not formally endorsed by the Roman Catholic Church, are carried out as part of religious vows in return for favors granted or in penance for sins. But I have not seen nor heard such practices here in Davao. We only have here like visiting the way of the cross and or attending the mass and listens the seven last words of Jesus. Watch the video.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday

Today is Good Friday here in the Philippines. Why they called it Good Friday? We called it Good Friday because this is the day where we commemorated the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. As early as the 2nd century it was kept by Catholics as a day of penance and fasting. The Roman Catholic churches have special liturgies for the day, which include readings and prayers commemorating Christ’s suffering on the cross and this is the day where Jesus died on the cross for our sins.

Flowers around the house

I had fun yesterday of taking photos of the flowers around the house but to be honest, I don’t know the names of these flowers. I asked my mother about the names of these flowers, mother didn’t know also. Well, except for the orchids of my mother, other flowers were just grown without planting. They are just like grasses that grow everywhere. Well, here are the photos of the flowers around the house. Name them if you know it.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Golden Family Values II

No matter how small the affair,
Always ask for your parents’ advice.
If you don’t ask for their advice,
Then you’ve not been a dutiful child.

When good things though small, come your way,
Give your family their rightful share first.
If you hoard up the best for yourself,
Kinfolk’s feelings are sure to be hurt.

Whenever you injure your body,
Your parents feel grief and alarm.
Whenever you damage your virtue,
Your family’s good name comes to harm.

The Elements

I met a man at my son’s school when my son has an entrance examination last Tuesday, March 31, 2009. He looks like he's Chinese because of his skin and eyes. While we're waiting for our kids, we were talking about holy week because this coming week is our holy week here in the Philippines . This man joined in our group, since we didn’t know him, we asked if he has also a child inside the room taking the exam and he said yes.

We continued our topic about things to do this holy week then this man; he told us that he has no religion. He only follows the “Element” he said. When I got home, I remember my eldest son has a book of Element so I opened it and here is the meaning of the Element.

The Elements and the Psychological Development of the Person.

Element: Water

Strengths : Dissolution, union and transformation

Weaknesses: Moodiness and unpredictable highs and lows

Element: Earth

Strengths : Stability and solidity; sustains growth

Weaknesses: Resistance to change.

Element: Air

Strengths : Inventiveness, originality and versatility

Weaknesses: Lack of emotion, depression, lack of connection with the higher self, overactive

mind that blocks inner peace and harmony.

Element: Fire

Strengths : Security, warmth of inspiration, self-confidence. Without fire, there is no radiance,

no conviction, no expression.

Weaknesses: Lack of interest, egotistic, excessive self-centeredness self-importance.

Do you know your Element? To which one do you belong? I am water and I laughed at my weaknesses because it’s true.

Photo from National Geographic

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Family

My Family:

From left to right: My mother, me, Tanya (my Canadian sis-in-law), Roy (my brother & Tanya's husband), my father, my brother next to me and his daughter. My kids were not in the picture because they were at school at that time and my husband was not there also because he was in the states. Tanya and Roy visited Philippines once in every 2 years. This picture was taken when they visited in September 2008.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Name Meaning

Here in the Philippines , the old generation parents, they gave names to their children based on the religious names of prophets, saints and all other names found in the Bible. My name is Katherine and the meaning of this name is “peace”. Now that I have 2 boys, I also named them based on our religious names but since I belong to new generations, I gave them two names. My eldest's name is Julius Christian and my youngest is John Clark. To my eldest, I like Julius because I had a very smart friend and classmate named Julius and I was thinking that my son will be smart like my classmate too, and Christian’s meaning is “follower of Christ”. My youngest name meaning, for John, it’s a “God’s gracious gift” and then Clark ’s name meaning is “genius”.

If I will get pregnant again, I will not have a hard time to look for a name and its meaning because there is already a website that can give you names and their meanings. If you heard of already, well it is good but if not, it is a site where you can get names and meanings if you are looking for a name of your new baby or you just want to know the meaning of all the names in the family including your name. So, are you now interested to know the meaning of your name? Visit the site now and know the meaning of your name and once you know it already, share with your friends and family about the website you found.

High Paying Jobs

I read some news about earning $50 per hour. Wow, imagine that every hour you spend at your work makes you $50. I wish I was still young so I could enroll for this kind of job. Maybe you're asking what kind of job that they offer $50 per hour. Well, here’s the list.

· Pharmacist
· Actuary (Management & Technical Consulting)
· Marketing Manager
· High School Principal
· Petroleum Engineer

These are only a few positions that will make you a good income. If you are busy with your work right now but you are not earning too much, why not switch to a new career. There are lots of online degrees right now but chose the right one and you can have a good high paying job.. If only I am able, I want to take this opportunity to enroll or apply for an online degree and I will probably choose Pharmacist.

Monday, April 6, 2009

School keepsake books

My youngest son is 8 years old in July and he will be in Grade 2 this coming school year. I also have a 4 year old niece. I was happy because I found an online school keepsake book. The year book designs, covers and colors are really attractive for the kids. The keepsake school year book is from preschool, kindergarten, first up to sixth grade. And another thing that's good, it’s a hard bound cover. I can keep their photos and all other memorable activities at school for so long and I am sure they will love to see it when they grow up. The school memory book is not just for my kids. I also like having this book because as I get older, at least I will have something to see when I want to look back to the time they were young. My youngest son is smart child at school and as a reward for being a good and outstanding pupil; I will buy him an Ezy-Roller. It’s a three-wheel cart. No pedals, chain, or batteries. Just glides forward by moving your feet. You can get this one through their children’s gifts online. Visit their children’s gifts online because they have lots of personalized gifts for your kids like mugs, towel wraps, lap blankets and very nice design stickers. Some gifts are seasonal so if you get a chance now, why not try to visit them and see what you get for your kids.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Naughty son

My youngest son gave me good laughed today. I was eating and he was watching TV. Suddenly, he was shouting that he wants to p… (sorry if you’re eating)..

My son… Mama!!!!!!! I want to p….
Me: Ok, run!!!!

While he was inside the toilet, he was quite and then he yelled again…take note, I was still eating…

My son… Mama!!!!.. it’s hard!!!!!
Me: Don’t push to come out son…

Silent again….then the last shout was this………

My son… Mama!!!! So long and big!!!!!!!!! And the water from the toilet splash
to my face,YACKSSSSS……..he said……

Me: Laughing Out Loud….then I told him to shower…well, he’s still a kid.
Yelling all these things while I was on the table and eating…lol.


A couple of days, we had a little misunderstanding of my husband but it was my fault lol. I am so thankful that he forgave me. Well, it is said that in marriage life, misunderstanding, quarrels, etc is part of this life. It is only how you handle and solve the trouble. It is also said that if there’s no quarrel, the relationship is abnormal lol. After our short misunderstanding, I feel more in love with him. One thing for sure, I don’t want to lose my husband. And to my hubby Roger, I love you more honey. I know we have lots of trouble for a couple of months now, GOD is great and with HIS guidance, we will pass all these trials that we have right now.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Earthquake today

While I was here in my computer this afternoon, I noticed that the computer was shaking. I stood up and went outside the room and I asked my brother if there's an earth quake. Gosh! it was earthquake again and the sun was sooo hot so it means that this summer will be more hot than before oh my gosh!!! Maybe I really need to buy umbrella now. Well, the earthquake was not too strong and it was just a couple of seconds, so it was not really bad.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Quote of the day.

The Essence of Destiny

“Watch your thoughts, for they become words.
Choose your words, for they become actions.
Understand your actions, for they become your habits.
Study you’re your habits, for they become your character,
Develop your character for it becomes your destiny.”

From the unknown author...


Oh I got an award again and this time, it was given to me by Merly. I don’t know why you love my blog friend lol. Anyway, thank you so much for giving me this award. I appreciated it so much. Thanks again.

So here's the rules:
1. The winner can put the logo on his/her awesome blog.
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Now, I'm giving this award to: Dhemz…., Cutella….., Superfan….., Yen…..,amadaaustismx2..., Felicity

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Window Shopping 11

Here’s another picture of my son when we had our window shopping last Sunday at SM Mall. When my son was 2 years old I think, he was so scared with the Jollibee mascot and all other mascots like Goldilocks, KFC, McDonald, Wendy’s but now, every time he saw a mascot, he will run and walk with them. He is not scared anymore.

Anyway, here’s the swimsuit that looks the same with the swimsuit that I like when we went there at the mall. I like the color and the style. So simple but sexy.

And here’s the sunglasses that I wish I have one…hahaha

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Entrecard droppers

Top 10 droppers for the month of March

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2. Dorothy
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5. Yen
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8. Wedding Cake Hints
9. The Draper Adventures
10.Twerlermz Blog

Thank you so much guys for making my blog alive. And I hope you will never get tired of following. More power to all of us here.