Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Window Shopping

Do you like window shopping? Only this Sunday, my youngest son and I went to the mall just to buy his toy at Toy Kingdom. After looking for his toy, we went inside the department store and oh, I saw a mannequin wearing a very sexy beautiful swimsuit. I told myself that it is really summer here now. Sunglasses in different shapes and color were also so attractive. I tried many pairs haha and my son laughed at me. He asked if I will get one, I said no because I have 3 sunglasses here in the house. I just tried if it is looks good for me. Lol.

We went to swim wear section and oh gosh, I wish I have a sexy body like the mannequin wearing the sexy swim suit. But there were swimsuits also for over-sized ladies. They have different styles and designs from simple to a very sexy 2 piece swim suit. I saw a simple and not so sexy design, I like it but I will not buy it even if I have money because I still have my old swimsuit and I only wore that once.

After our window shopping, my son and I ate at Jollibee, my son’s favorite fast food chain. As usual, he ordered again his spaghetti and chicken joy and I ordered the same but mine was hot and spicy. I think my son was so thirsty after we window shopped because he ordered a large glass of softdrink lol. After eating, we went home and we were both so tired from our window shop.