Friday, March 13, 2009

Summer Vacation

Wow, next month, no more school here in the Philippines . My youngest son was very happy when he counted the days left for school. He is now preparing his kite. Every summer here, kids love to play by flying their kites. But for my eldest son, he wants to look for a summer job since he is in 3rd year college already. He asked me on how to write a resume.

Well the most important rule when writing a resume is to tell the truth. When you have finished writing your resume, make sure it is accurate as well as complete. If you are not telling the truth on your resume, you can expect one of the following to occur: 1) You’ll get caught; 2) You’ll feel guilty; or 3) Both.

So, I just gave him the basic and important information for a resume and I let him write his resume as a practice to himself. When he was done, I smiled because his resume was just enough for 1 short bond paper. I remember when I was writing my resume, it was 3 pages but I tried to make it 2 pages only. Then I realized that my son has no work experience yet. Well, I hope he can get a job this coming summer. Usually companies here will accept students during summer for 4 hour work days only. And it’s not bad because the salary is based on minimum wage here in Davao .