Thursday, March 5, 2009

Summer Time is coming

School vacation is near. All students from Kindergarten to college are busy preparing for their final exams. College students are busy for their thesis, feasibility studies and their final exams also. I met a 2nd year nursing student and she was so worried when I heard her talking to my friend that she needs to know how to build a blog. Her teacher in her computer subject requires them to build a blog. She said, they need to visit their teacher’s blog because that’s the way the teacher will check if they did their project. I told myself, what a great mind of that teacher- blogger. He/She can get traffic from her students only. The teacher requires them to visit everyday as a form of class attendance. Wow, if he or she has 500 students, that’s a lot of traffic.

Maybe the teacher needs more money too, well everybody needs money. It is only how you will get extra money and where you can get that. Summer here means no more work for teachers. If no more work, no salary. So, maybe the teacher will get good money from her students by clicking his/her google ads. Wow, how nice. I wish I am a teacher too.

Anyway because of the economic crisis today, people are trying to find out what other jobs or businesses can help them to survive. Just like this teacher, I can’t blame her/him for doing like that; at least, he/she also helps the students to learn how to get money from their own pocket.