Former Banker Now Delivers Pizzas

The Karpman Family is considered as one of the strongest families now a days. Despite many problems arisen from their family, the couple still stays together and are able to face the new world that they have right now.

Ken Karpman, a graduate from UCLA with a bachelor's degree and M.B. A.. got a high-paying job as an Institutional Equity Sales Trader, earning $750,000 a year and now he's only earning $7.29 per hour as a pizza delivery man.

When times were good, he left to start his own hedge fund – but his timing couldn't have been worse.

"Life was so good, we were making a lot of money --- and why wouldn't this just continue?" Karpman said.

"I had no idea what anything cost in a store" he added, "I'd just put it in the cart and buy.

Now, everything has changed. He has a job but he is just earning $7.29 per hour plus tips. According to Mr. Karpman, it is better to become a pizza delivery man than to borrow money from friends to put food on the table.

I wish that the couple will continue to fight the crisis that they have right now and I wish they won't forget their vows when they got married.....

For richer or for poorer....
For better or for worse....
"Till death do us part.....

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