Thursday, February 12, 2009


When you were a kid, can you play with your friends without a toy?

I remember when I was a child; my friends and I could play without toys. We played running, hide and seek or fixing our hair like putting some ribbons in it. If it is school vacation, we went to our grandparent’s house. All of our cousins were also there. We would stay there for 2 months vacation. I loved to stay at our grandparent’s house because they were living on a mountain. I love getting guavas from the trees, I love riding on top of the carabao or riding the cart at the back. I also like calling the goat if theres a rain coming. It was so fun for me to stay in the mountains especially if my cousins and I would go swimming in the very cold river.

Helping our grandparent’s farm was like a play time for me. I remember my brother, he was bitten with a centipede but since he doesn’t know the name of that thing, he was shouting, crying, yelling that the snake bit him. Our grandfather ran and helped my brother and he was looking for the snake too. When our grandfather asked how big or how long the snake was, my brother told us that it was as big as our grandfather’s middle finger. Grandpa laughed because it was not a snake but a centipede. There’s a lot of thing that we could do in the mountains. We don’t need a toy to play with but now, my son and his friends, they can’t play without a toy. And sometimes, they have jealousy. If one has a new toy, others will ask their mother to buy that kind of toy also. I told my son that the only toy that I had when I was a child was my Jackstone. If only I have a daughter, maybe we will play jackstone. I have nieces but they are still small kids.