Monday, February 23, 2009

Scroll bar on Sidebars

Are you happy doing blogging? Do you feel sometimes that you want to stop blogging because you think that blogging is hard work and you need to learn so many things?

I read some of the blogs that are written about blogging. They said the key to success on blogging is patience. Do I have this “word”. Well, let us see.

Yesterday, while I was visiting some of my friends here, I always notice that they have scrollbars to their sidebar. Since I am a new blogger, I asked myself how they did that. So, I decided to ask Dhemz how she put her scrollbars to both of her sidebars. She replied and I read her old posts about scrollbars. OMG, I found out that it was not easy. I went to blogger just to ask help but they didn’t have answers to my questions and I got an instruction to go to google. I went to google and found an answer to my question about scrollbar on sidebars. OMG again, I followed all the instructions; I didn’t skip reading but still not working to my sidebar. I was so upset. I almost talked to my computer and asked why it didn’t follow me plus I have a very slow connection because I am using dial-up internet connection, it made me even madder. The whole afternoon, I was doing the scrollbar but it was not a successful one. Can you imagine, just a scrollbar to my sidebar and I cant do it? I wish Dhemz is by my side so I can ask her to do that for me lol.

Anyway, maybe sooner or later I will find out on how to put scrollbars to my sidebar just to save space to my blog. If somebody will give me a link on how to put those things to my sidebar and willing to give step by step procedures then it will be very much appreciated and maybe I can also give you a reward by putting your link to my blog and I will review your blog for free.

To my question above, am I happy doing blogging? My answer is “yes, I am happy and I enjoy it although there are things that are hard to understand, but I am learning patiently”.