Saturday, February 28, 2009

Online Dating made me complete

It’s been 3 years now since I met my husband through an online dating site. I am so grateful that I found my man, my soulmate, my friend through a dating site. On my side, because I am a woman, the membership was totally free. To my husband side, he paid for his membership but the amount he spent in looking for me lol was worthwhile haha because he found a very loving Filipina wife through the internet dating site.

I also have a cousin, aunt and friends who have foreign husbands. But, in their time, it was through pen pal and snail mail. I remember them; they sent their pictures together with their biodata in a magazine company outside Philippines and published their pictures there. They kept on writing by sending through the regular post office. Thanks to the new technology today, there are no more hassles of going to the post office, no sending any pictures or biodata and no money to spend a little for the postal payment. Today, just sign up on a dating site, answer a few questions which are just a few personal questions of yourself, put your picture to make sure that they are writing to their opposite sex. And one thing is good and I like, you will type and not to write on a paper. You know, not all the people have a good hand writing. You are lucky if your hand writing is good and easy to read. And also, when you write today, you can send it right away and he or she can receive it immediately. So, for those who are seeking a friend or maybe a very special friend that will lead to marriage? Try to join a online dating site, who knows, you might also find your luck from them. You don’t need to be expert on the internet. Everybody can do it.

Guest Post by: Mitch