Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Honest Scrap Tag

My friend Bingkee (I Love-Hate America) gave me this Honest Scrap Tag and I am glad that she included me to her friends’ list.

So here’s the little game.
Have fun with the tags.

1. I love swimming (beach or pool)
2. I love pizza and siopao and I am a coffee lover.
3. I love singing, in and out of the bathroom lol
4. I am scared with cockroach, house lizard and rat.
5. I am scared to ride a car/jeepney/taxi that runs 120kph. lol
6. I love horror movies but I will cover my mouth with my hands when I am scared.lol
7. I laugh easily and cry easily.
8. I am lazy when it comes to house cleaning and I don’t have a choice but to clean the house alone.
9. I am scared to board a boat, ship because when it sinks, shark will eat my body lol.
10. I am told that my look is younger than my age.

Rules for posting the Honest Scrap Tag:

1) Write a post about this tag and include the name (URL link) of the person(s) who passed this tag.

2) Write also 10 HONEST things about yourself.

3) Pass this tag to 7 friends/bloggers and leave comments on their blogs informing about this tag.

And now, I am giving this tag to:

1. Roger (Tanner's World)
2. Shieangel (Blogger's Trail)
3. Felicity (Kuzina ni Inday)
4. Mae (My Life)
5. Adat (Citrus Princess)
6. Dhemz (My Life's Perception & Inspiration)
7. Beth (All About Elizabeth)

Have fun with the tags.