Thursday, February 5, 2009


Do you have pets like a dog or cat? If you have one or more, do you know how to take care of them? Did you include them to your budget especially food? Or sending them to the vet when they get sick? I have a neighbor here who owns 6 cats now. 4 are big and 2 are still kittens. I hate their cat especially the cat in the picture. You know why? They have cats but they don’t give enough food to their cats. And because of that, their cats are so quick and fast getting foods on the table. How many times this cat did steal our food on the table? Their cats are not trusted. We also have a cat but she’s a good cat and never stole our food on the table. If we were eating, she can wait her turn and if ever she’s so hungry, she will just cry and ask for food. She never touched our food on the table even if you will let her stay in the kitchen. I was just wondering why they adopt cats but they don’t give enough food. Sometimes, I was just thinking that maybe there are rats inside their house so they really need to adopt a cat. Our cat is such a lucky cat, she has good food to eat and she loves her Whiskas.