Monday, February 2, 2009

C. A. R. I. N. G.

When I was in high school, my friends and I enjoyed having fun in creating the meaning of anything, such as words that we want to give meaning to, like MARLBORO, BEER, CIGARETTE, LOVE and a lot more but actually I forgot already the meaning of all these words. While I was alone here, well I am always alone here especially on weekends; I was sitting on our stairs and holding an old magazine. I tried to open it and read a little even if it was crumpled already. I found the meaning of CARING for couples. Do you know what the meaning of this word is? I will share it with you.

C - Communication
Talking to one another, calling one another, telling what’s on our mind,
sharing our feelings.

A - Affection
Touching one another, holding one another, buying special things
for one another.

R - Responsibilities
Taking the lead in completing tasks and helping one another do projects.

I - Interest In
Asking how the other feels, inquiring about other’s day.

N - Noticing
Carefully observing and interpreting clues to each other’s feelings,
then discussing them with each other.

G - Greeting
Physically acknowledging each other’s presence following a separation
due to work or sleep.

That’s the meaning of CARING that I read today. Did I give you a little idea on how to care for your loved ones? Well, I hope it helps a little for you.

Our beach here in Davao City, Philippines