Monday, February 9, 2009

Blogsvertise opportunity

Friday (Feb. 06) after sending my youngest to the school, I turned on the computer so I can check my blogs again. Luckily I have friends who visited my blogs but unfortunately I didn’t have tasks to all of the paid post sites I joined. Sad. Anyway, the reasons why I joined paid post sites like Blogsvertise, is simply because there’s no boss here. I spend a big part of the day in the house, I have my computer, I have my internet connection so that’s it. When my friends told me that I can make money thru blogging, at first I was not really interested because I never tried to write or compose a story but later I started to have fun here until I made my 2nd blog. It was also my friends who told me about Blogsvertise. I joined with them and I found out that their website is easy to understand and easy to navigate. Instructions are brief and clear. When you ask help from them, they answer you quickly. So, I like Blogsvertise the way they entertain their members. So bloggers, if you want or need extra money in your pocket, why not join now at Blogsvertise. I am a new member there and in just few days, I got my first task. Next time I will post about my income from them.