Saturday, January 17, 2009

Rainy days

Thursday was not at all a good day for me. The whole day it was raining. Classes were suspended at school but it was late by the time the local government announced the suspension. The kids were already at school. Some students were happy because of the suspension while others were not, because they said they were already at school and they also had spent money by then for their food and allowances. So, the students were requesting the local government that if there are announcements for the schools, they should advise about it early.

Friday, a little lazy day for me because the weather still not good. The sun was still hiding. In the afternoon, it rained again. My kids went outside just to play in the rain. Playing in the rain is fun. I still remember when I was a kid, I would cry if my mother would not allow me to play in the rain. And if I will hear my friends having fun in the rain, I will cry more so that mother will change her mind and allow me to join with my friends.

Saturday, hmmm…not really bad. I just did my laundry in the morning after I spoke to my husband on the phone. I also cooked our food for lunch then in the afternoon, I was here sitting already at my computer, trying to read more information about blogging. At night, after our supper, I started writing for my new article here while my coffee and cream was on my computer table waiting for me to drink while it was still hot.