Saturday, January 31, 2009

Ordinary days

Monday, (Jan. 26) It was Chinese New Year. My eldest son went to the park with his friends from school just to watch the dragon and lion dancing. He said, it was so nice and they enjoyed watching it.

There were also fireworks displayed but my son said, it was not as beautiful as in Manila when the Chinese there celebrated their New Year. Well, our local government here doesn’t allow any fireworks even on our New Year’s Eve. So, maybe it's only here in our place that New Year is just an ordinary night. No fireworks displays, no firecrackers to hear. And maybe the Chinese Community asked permission to the local government to have at least one hour for a fireworks display as part of their celebration.

Janjan, my son and the puppies named Jinky and Jacky.

Tuesday, (Jan. 27) My youngest son went to the school early but it was around 9:00 o’clock when one of the nannys there at the school sent an SMS messages to my cell phone that the kids teacher was absent so the guidance school asked them to go home. And I told my eldest to pick-up his brother at the school.
It was also the day that my father’s friend arrived from the USA . He brought as presents things like candies, chocolates, sunglasses for me and for my mother, I have 2 lipsticks, a dual face foundation, wristwatch for my mother and of course, to my father, a cologne and money. Every time my father’s friend visits the Philippines , he always brings a present for us. He’s really a friend of my father. He never changed.

Wednesday, (Jan.28) It was just an ordinary day but we didn’t wake up early because my son’s teacher was still on leave. So, Wednesday was my son’s day. He played and watched TV the whole day.