Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Mobile Phone or Cell Phone

Sunday was a bad day for me. I received bad news thru SMS to my mobile phone. My cousin’s wife sent a message to me that her youngest son was at the hospital, that she needs money for the hospitalization. My mother was not here in the house. Our Aunt was not in they're house either. I was worried and kept on asking her thru SMS what happened, why was my nephew at the hospital but her answer was far from my question. I felt like she’s not reading my messages and I was also thinking that maybe she was on some sort of panic mode, that’s why she can’t answer me directly to my questions.

I went to the hospital late in the afternoon already because I was waiting for my mother, our Aunt and my husband’s call. When I was on my way to the hospital, I was so scared with the jeepney I rode. The driver runs so fast. The 30 minute drive to that place, he made it in just 10 minutes. I was praying inside while holding the bar above. Finally, we arrived safe at our destination. Thanks GOD. I took a ride again but this time it was tricycle. A motorcycle with side car for the passenger’s seat. I am new to that place so I just asked the driver to send me to the hospital. I just gave the name of the hospital. It was a little far from the proper area or downtown. I was scared a little because it was dark already and I didn’t see any shopping stores. When we were there finally, the driver told me that we were at the hospital already. I asked where the hospital is and he pointed to the hospital. Oh my gosh! I said, it is not hospital, it’s a house but when I saw the nurse inside, I got out from the motorcycle and I went inside. I talked with the nurse and she gave me the room number of my nephew. Again, I was shocked. It was like a boarding house, the only difference was that you can see hospital equipment like dextrose stand, oxygen tank etc. My nephew was sleeping when I was there. He was not really sick. He had a fever because of his cough and clogged nose. I then felt okay when I learned that it was not really serious.

You know sometimes sending SMS is not really good especially if the message is not complete. I was so nervous because of the text messages or SMS I received and it was not detailed. Mobile phones or cell phones, I think it is best for calling but not for sending messages especially on an emergency. Well, it helps also to communicate with your loved ones especially if they are far from you. Sending sweet thoughts thru your cell phone, makes your loved ones happy. Well, whatever your reasons for having a cell phone or mobile phone, I just thank God that my cute nephew who is now 10 months old is not really serious and his name is Thirdy or 3rdy.