Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ice fishing in Toronto , Canada

Have you heard of, or tried fishing on the ice? Well, I have a brother in Canada and he’s living there for good with his Canadian wife named Tanya. Yesterday, I received an email from them. It was my brother and his brother-in-law and a friend who went fishing on the lake of ice. I laughed when my sis-in-law wrote that Roy, my brother, went fishing even if it was -40. My brother woke up around 4:00 o’clock in the morning to get ready for fishing. You know what had he got from the whole day fishing on the ice? He got the small fish. Look at the picture. That's my brother named Roy.

Last year, when there was no snow, they went also to that lake for fishing. They got big fish and they had a boat for fishing but right now they were riding a truck. No more water on the lake already and they used a fishing hut just to cover a little from the very cold wind..haha. They also have tools for making a hole in the ice so that the fish will come out there and that’s also the place where they put their fishing rod I think. Well, all these things are new to me like fishing on the frozen lake because here in the Philippines , I can see fish on the ice but it is on the ice bin and not on the snow.