Thursday, January 15, 2009

Fruits that i love it

Davao is a very well known province here in the Philippines for having different kinds of fruits. One of the very popular fruits found here in Davao , as well as in other Asian countries, is the Durain. A fruit that smells like hell but it tastes like heaven. This fruit is expensive if it is not in season, that’s why I only buy this fruit during it's season time. I will show you one by one the fruits that I love to eat and maybe some fruits here cannot be found in other countries.


At first, you do not like to taste this fruit because of the smell. It has a very strong smell but the meat looks good and tastes yummy. You may want to try but the smell may stop you from tasting this fruit. Here’s the technique. Hold your breath for a second then taste the fruit and swallow it, then breath again, as simple as that. Once you taste it, you will ask for more, hold again your breath and eat it until you will not be bothered anymore by the smell of this fruit. I learned this from my uncle who has a Durian farm here in Davao .


This fruit is also yummy to me. People from Mindanao love this fruit but people from Luzon and some parts in Visayas, don’t like this fruit. It has sweet tastes but no strong smell like the Durian. My Canadian sister in law likes to eat this fruit but not the Durian.


Here again is another yummy fruit. We have this fruit on our lot. When we bought this lot, the tree was still young and now it has plenty of fruits. My father takes care of the fruit while still there on the tree and not yet ready for harvesting. This fruit has a yellow color when ripe and it is so sweet and very delicious to me. I am sure you will like to taste this fruit because the smell is also good.


This fruit is good for our health. From the roots, stems, leaves, ‘til the fruits. This kind of fruit is good for treating illnesses or preventing illnesses like diabetes, heart problems, blood pressure and a lot more. The herbal experts, they make this fruit as an herbal medicine. They have tea, coffee and in a capsule form for you to take. But I like the fresh sweet fruit.


Oh this fruit is so yummy too. You can eat this mixed with sugar only, or with condensed milk or mix it to ice cream or make it as a shake… Wow…so very good. It carries also lots of vitamins.


I also love this fruit especially if it is ripe because others eat it even if it is still unripe but not young. It is also good for fruit shakes, just add some milk and a little sugar then sit back and enjoy it. I am sure you will love this also.

Young coconut

Oh this is everybody’s favorite dessert for every occasion. The buko salad as we called it here. The young meat of the coconut mixed with the other fruits and add water, milk, sugar and refrigerate for a couple of hours, oh the result is so refreshing, a yummy salad. If you have coconut there, try to do this in your kitchen. Just get only the meat of the young coconut and mix with the other fruits you like, then add milk, water and sugar to taste, and that’s it. Do not mix the water of the coconut because it will easily spoil the salad.

Yellow Mango and Pineapple

Both are good and yummy fruits too. When you buy pineapple, carry the weight. The heavier the more juicy and tasty. For mango, if the skin is ugly, I mean lots of dark spots, it is more sweet tasting. If you choose the smooth and clean yellow skin, it is not so sweet and sometimes, it is a little sour.