Friday, January 2, 2009

Didith Reyes’s life story to be made into a film.

Remember my previous post here that Didith Reyes died already. Well, she’s really a very controversial woman from birth to death. One of the biggest film industries here in the Philippines wants Didith Reyes’s life to be on the big screen. They said that the life story of the jukebox queen was colorful. The company has already talked to the only son of the late beautiful actress and singer about the project. Maybe until now they are still negotiating the price because the son believes that his mother’s life story was unique. If both parties agree to a price then the film will be started early this year. Although, they don’t know yet who will be chosen to play the character, a lot of people are saying that this film is good for Anne Curtis or Cristine Reyes. Well, I disagree and agree. I agree because they are both sexy and beautiful and can act daring roles too. Disagree because they cannot sing well. They must choose an actress that can sing and act naturally. But if there’s no choice, I want Anne Curtis.