Saturday, January 31, 2009

Ordinary days

Monday, (Jan. 26) It was Chinese New Year. My eldest son went to the park with his friends from school just to watch the dragon and lion dancing. He said, it was so nice and they enjoyed watching it.

There were also fireworks displayed but my son said, it was not as beautiful as in Manila when the Chinese there celebrated their New Year. Well, our local government here doesn’t allow any fireworks even on our New Year’s Eve. So, maybe it's only here in our place that New Year is just an ordinary night. No fireworks displays, no firecrackers to hear. And maybe the Chinese Community asked permission to the local government to have at least one hour for a fireworks display as part of their celebration.

Janjan, my son and the puppies named Jinky and Jacky.

Tuesday, (Jan. 27) My youngest son went to the school early but it was around 9:00 o’clock when one of the nannys there at the school sent an SMS messages to my cell phone that the kids teacher was absent so the guidance school asked them to go home. And I told my eldest to pick-up his brother at the school.
It was also the day that my father’s friend arrived from the USA . He brought as presents things like candies, chocolates, sunglasses for me and for my mother, I have 2 lipsticks, a dual face foundation, wristwatch for my mother and of course, to my father, a cologne and money. Every time my father’s friend visits the Philippines , he always brings a present for us. He’s really a friend of my father. He never changed.

Wednesday, (Jan.28) It was just an ordinary day but we didn’t wake up early because my son’s teacher was still on leave. So, Wednesday was my son’s day. He played and watched TV the whole day.

Friday, January 30, 2009

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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Your Breast-Cancer Risk

Here’s what I read today from my yahoo mailbox. And I just want to share it with you.

Crucial information about the disease that all young women need to know.

It rarely strikes in your 20s.

Less than five percent of all breast cancer cases occur in women under 40. It usually hits after menopause; nearly 80 percent of cases are in women over 50.

Gynes don’t always take symptoms seriously.
Because breast cancer is so uncommon in young women, your doc may blow off a lump or other worrisome sign like bloody nipple discharge. Insist that she perform a clinical breast exam and a needle biopsy or ultrasound.

A family history puts younger women at risk.

When 20- and 30- something women develop the disease, they may have a gene mutation. If your mother or sister had breast cancer before menopause, consider genetic testing.

It’s not deadlier for younger women.
New studies disprove the theory that breast cancer is more lethal in your 20s and 30s. How aggressive it is depends on the size and type of tumor and if it has spread to other body parts. A stage 1 cancer in a young woman is just as curable as a stage 1 cancer in a woman who is older.

Sources: Katherine Alley, MD, Medical Director of Breast Cancer at Suburban Hospital in Bethesda, Maryland, American Cancer Society.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ice fishing in Toronto , Canada

Have you heard of, or tried fishing on the ice? Well, I have a brother in Canada and he’s living there for good with his Canadian wife named Tanya. Yesterday, I received an email from them. It was my brother and his brother-in-law and a friend who went fishing on the lake of ice. I laughed when my sis-in-law wrote that Roy, my brother, went fishing even if it was -40. My brother woke up around 4:00 o’clock in the morning to get ready for fishing. You know what had he got from the whole day fishing on the ice? He got the small fish. Look at the picture. That's my brother named Roy.

Last year, when there was no snow, they went also to that lake for fishing. They got big fish and they had a boat for fishing but right now they were riding a truck. No more water on the lake already and they used a fishing hut just to cover a little from the very cold wind..haha. They also have tools for making a hole in the ice so that the fish will come out there and that’s also the place where they put their fishing rod I think. Well, all these things are new to me like fishing on the frozen lake because here in the Philippines , I can see fish on the ice but it is on the ice bin and not on the snow.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Chinese New Year

Oh my son reminds me it's the Chinese New Year. Oh yeah, Chinese New Year is on Monday, January 26. We are not Chinese but we also celebrate their New Year. We also buy the good fortune foods like the “Tikoy”. It's ground sticky rice flour, steamed and formed like a cake.. Then you will cook that again with beaten eggs on it and fry it…hmm delicious. My kids love this food that’s why they remember to remind me of the Chinese New Year.

Chinese New Year, also known as Lunar New Year. The date of the New Year is determined by the lunar calendar, so festivities begin with the new cycle of the moon that falls between January 21 and February 19. Each year is named for one of 12 symbolic animals in sequence. The animals, in their sequential order, are the rat, ox, tiger, hare, dragon, serpent, horse, ram, monkey, rooster, dog, and boar.

On the first day of the New Year, people put on new clothes to symbolize the discarding of the old year and its misfortunes. Then they take gifts to friends and relatives. The gifts usually include special rice flour cakes (Tikoy) and fruits such as kumquats (small oranges) and oranges. Many adults, particularly married ones, also follow an ancient custom of giving small red packets of money (called hong bao or lai see in Chinese) to children, unmarried adults, and employees or servants. This is my favorite during Chinese New Year because I always received this small red envelope with money inside from my Chinese employer before.

Among the most spectacular festivities of Lunar New Year are the dragon and lion dances. As many as 50 or more people support long dragons and lions made from vibrant paper and cloth while dancing in processions down city streets. The dancers perform to the beating of gongs and drums, while other celebrants perform acrobatic displays. Some of the performers may occasionally reach up to take red money packets or fruits and vegetables hung from storefronts. The celebrations end with the lantern festival, an event in which merchants hang lighted paper lanterns outside their shops. Many of the lanterns rotate with the heat of the candles they contain. Children often parade through the streets during the lantern festival, carrying lanterns of various shapes and patterns.

When I was in Manila , actually in Quiapo, most of the shops and stores there were owned by Chinese. So every year, we watched the very colorful dragon and lion dancing, we also watched at night their beautiful fireworks. And now, this is my 4th year that I will not see the very beautiful Chinese New Year. I miss their fireworks and the parade.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Blog advertising

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Mobile Phone or Cell Phone

Sunday was a bad day for me. I received bad news thru SMS to my mobile phone. My cousin’s wife sent a message to me that her youngest son was at the hospital, that she needs money for the hospitalization. My mother was not here in the house. Our Aunt was not in they're house either. I was worried and kept on asking her thru SMS what happened, why was my nephew at the hospital but her answer was far from my question. I felt like she’s not reading my messages and I was also thinking that maybe she was on some sort of panic mode, that’s why she can’t answer me directly to my questions.

I went to the hospital late in the afternoon already because I was waiting for my mother, our Aunt and my husband’s call. When I was on my way to the hospital, I was so scared with the jeepney I rode. The driver runs so fast. The 30 minute drive to that place, he made it in just 10 minutes. I was praying inside while holding the bar above. Finally, we arrived safe at our destination. Thanks GOD. I took a ride again but this time it was tricycle. A motorcycle with side car for the passenger’s seat. I am new to that place so I just asked the driver to send me to the hospital. I just gave the name of the hospital. It was a little far from the proper area or downtown. I was scared a little because it was dark already and I didn’t see any shopping stores. When we were there finally, the driver told me that we were at the hospital already. I asked where the hospital is and he pointed to the hospital. Oh my gosh! I said, it is not hospital, it’s a house but when I saw the nurse inside, I got out from the motorcycle and I went inside. I talked with the nurse and she gave me the room number of my nephew. Again, I was shocked. It was like a boarding house, the only difference was that you can see hospital equipment like dextrose stand, oxygen tank etc. My nephew was sleeping when I was there. He was not really sick. He had a fever because of his cough and clogged nose. I then felt okay when I learned that it was not really serious.

You know sometimes sending SMS is not really good especially if the message is not complete. I was so nervous because of the text messages or SMS I received and it was not detailed. Mobile phones or cell phones, I think it is best for calling but not for sending messages especially on an emergency. Well, it helps also to communicate with your loved ones especially if they are far from you. Sending sweet thoughts thru your cell phone, makes your loved ones happy. Well, whatever your reasons for having a cell phone or mobile phone, I just thank God that my cute nephew who is now 10 months old is not really serious and his name is Thirdy or 3rdy.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Rainy days

Thursday was not at all a good day for me. The whole day it was raining. Classes were suspended at school but it was late by the time the local government announced the suspension. The kids were already at school. Some students were happy because of the suspension while others were not, because they said they were already at school and they also had spent money by then for their food and allowances. So, the students were requesting the local government that if there are announcements for the schools, they should advise about it early.

Friday, a little lazy day for me because the weather still not good. The sun was still hiding. In the afternoon, it rained again. My kids went outside just to play in the rain. Playing in the rain is fun. I still remember when I was a kid, I would cry if my mother would not allow me to play in the rain. And if I will hear my friends having fun in the rain, I will cry more so that mother will change her mind and allow me to join with my friends.

Saturday, hmmm…not really bad. I just did my laundry in the morning after I spoke to my husband on the phone. I also cooked our food for lunch then in the afternoon, I was here sitting already at my computer, trying to read more information about blogging. At night, after our supper, I started writing for my new article here while my coffee and cream was on my computer table waiting for me to drink while it was still hot.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Fruits that i love it

Davao is a very well known province here in the Philippines for having different kinds of fruits. One of the very popular fruits found here in Davao , as well as in other Asian countries, is the Durain. A fruit that smells like hell but it tastes like heaven. This fruit is expensive if it is not in season, that’s why I only buy this fruit during it's season time. I will show you one by one the fruits that I love to eat and maybe some fruits here cannot be found in other countries.


At first, you do not like to taste this fruit because of the smell. It has a very strong smell but the meat looks good and tastes yummy. You may want to try but the smell may stop you from tasting this fruit. Here’s the technique. Hold your breath for a second then taste the fruit and swallow it, then breath again, as simple as that. Once you taste it, you will ask for more, hold again your breath and eat it until you will not be bothered anymore by the smell of this fruit. I learned this from my uncle who has a Durian farm here in Davao .


This fruit is also yummy to me. People from Mindanao love this fruit but people from Luzon and some parts in Visayas, don’t like this fruit. It has sweet tastes but no strong smell like the Durian. My Canadian sister in law likes to eat this fruit but not the Durian.


Here again is another yummy fruit. We have this fruit on our lot. When we bought this lot, the tree was still young and now it has plenty of fruits. My father takes care of the fruit while still there on the tree and not yet ready for harvesting. This fruit has a yellow color when ripe and it is so sweet and very delicious to me. I am sure you will like to taste this fruit because the smell is also good.


This fruit is good for our health. From the roots, stems, leaves, ‘til the fruits. This kind of fruit is good for treating illnesses or preventing illnesses like diabetes, heart problems, blood pressure and a lot more. The herbal experts, they make this fruit as an herbal medicine. They have tea, coffee and in a capsule form for you to take. But I like the fresh sweet fruit.


Oh this fruit is so yummy too. You can eat this mixed with sugar only, or with condensed milk or mix it to ice cream or make it as a shake… Wow…so very good. It carries also lots of vitamins.


I also love this fruit especially if it is ripe because others eat it even if it is still unripe but not young. It is also good for fruit shakes, just add some milk and a little sugar then sit back and enjoy it. I am sure you will love this also.

Young coconut

Oh this is everybody’s favorite dessert for every occasion. The buko salad as we called it here. The young meat of the coconut mixed with the other fruits and add water, milk, sugar and refrigerate for a couple of hours, oh the result is so refreshing, a yummy salad. If you have coconut there, try to do this in your kitchen. Just get only the meat of the young coconut and mix with the other fruits you like, then add milk, water and sugar to taste, and that’s it. Do not mix the water of the coconut because it will easily spoil the salad.

Yellow Mango and Pineapple

Both are good and yummy fruits too. When you buy pineapple, carry the weight. The heavier the more juicy and tasty. For mango, if the skin is ugly, I mean lots of dark spots, it is more sweet tasting. If you choose the smooth and clean yellow skin, it is not so sweet and sometimes, it is a little sour.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Charice Pempengco- Little Big Star World

It is now confirmed that Charice Pempengco is going to sing at the inauguration ball of newly elected US President Barack Obama on Januanry 18 in Washington , DC . This little girl has gone so far now. She started singing at the age of four and her first song was “My heart will go on” by Celine Dion. Her dream is just to become a well known singer. She joined many amateur singing contests, sometimes she won, sometimes not. There were times that she wanted to give up but there’s always one person who is always on her side to support and guide her at all times, her number one fan, no other than her mother. A mother, who never stopped guiding her daughter to achieve her dreams. And for Charice, her mother is her great inspiration. Did you notice that I didn’t mention the father of Charice? Well, she also belongs to a broken family but they stand on their own feet without the father. A mother’s love is just enough for Charice to achieve her dreams.

Friday, January 9, 2009

VIVA Black Nazarene

Today, January 09, is the big day of the Miraculous Black Nazarene in Quiapo, Manila . Huge numbers of bare-foot men and women will go to join again the procession. The procession of the Black Nazarene takes place every year on January 9 and the Novena day is every Friday. The statue of the Black Nazarene is a life-sized, dark colored wooden sculpture of Jesus Christ has been placed on a golden red carriage every year and pulled through the streets of Quiapo by male devotees clad in maroon. People who have touched the Nazarene are reported to have sometimes been healed of their diseases. Catholic people from all over Manila wanted to get close enough to the Nazarene and wishing to receive a miracle. They also throw white towels or handkerchiefs to the people who guard the statue and ask them to rub on the statue in hopes of carrying away some miracles. When I was living in Quiapo, I never joined the procession because I am scared if I get in a stampede. Every year somebody dies because they were pushed or maybe they can’t breath because they were very closed in to each other, even the ants cant get in. And even if it is the big day of the Miraculous Black Nazarene, some people are still not scared to do bad things like pickpocketing. They take advantage that people are busy and concentrating their devotions to the Nazarene.

The statue was brought to Manila by a Spanish priest in 1607 on board a ship. The ship caught fire, burning the image, thus its name. Though the image was burnt, the people decided to preserve and honor it. Since then, miraculous events have been reported by those who touch the image.

Well, I am here now in the province of Davao , and I am sure I will miss again the day of Black Nazarene. Maybe I will just watch on TV on January 9 here because TV stations don’t want to miss also this big day in Quiapo, Manila .

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sagittarius: Weekly Overview

You need to deal with mundane issues on Monday and Tuesday -- the kind of thing you ordinarily would just put off, if possible, but this stuff just can't be delayed any further. It may be bills or home repairs, but you can do it. Try not to take much time off midweek, as you need to keep busy in order to make a difference with your coworkers or family. It should all work out pretty well for you as long as you don't allow yourself much downtime. Focus on the family this weekend, no matter what is on your schedule. (From Shine Horoscope)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Charice Pempengco-The Little Big Star-Philippines is now a Little Big Star-World

Charice Pempengco will sing on the inauguration day of the newly elected US President Barack Obama? Do you know who this little girl is? She was just one of the finalists on Little Big Star, a talent show here in the Philippines and made herself now as still Little Big Star, but known all over the world. She’s the first Filipino singer and performer who sang with Celine Dion at Madison Square Gardens . Celine invited her to Madison Square when Charice was a guest on the Oprah Winfrey Show. She cried and Oprah cried too and can’t believe that she was invited to sing with Celine Dion, her idol and my idol too.

When she was still on the Little Big Star talent show, I was sad when she was eliminated on her first performance because I could tell that she had the voice, a voice from her soul when she sings but then, she was called again and made her way up to the finals. Again, I was not happy with the results because she was not the grand champion of the show.

Well, the show that she joined even if she didn’t make it to the finals was just the stepping stone for her singing career. And I am proud to say that she is from the Philippines . And to Charmaine Clarice Pempengco, Charice for short, may you continue to shine and always remember to put your head above your shoulders.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Manny Pacquiao’s fights in 2009

The Champ of the Filipino people Manny Pacquiao, is going to have another big fight on May 2 this year in Las Vegas . He’s going to fight with Ricky Hatton. According to his promoter Bob Arum, Manny is open to three fights this year. Arum said, Floyd Mayweather Jr is on the line also after Hatton. If Floyd Mayweather is not available this year, Pacman can fight Edwin Valero. Freddie Roach, Pacman’s trainer wants Pacman going up against Hatton and then Mayweather.

Freddie Roach said in an interview on
“In a perfect world, I would like to see him fight Ricky Hatton and then Floyd Mayweather Jr. and then I would like to see Manny retire and become President of the Philippines .
On Pacman’s side, he wants to retire this year but maybe because another good opportunity knocks at his door, and the people around him believes that this is not the time for him to retire, then Manny will continue to fight this year.
What happens if Pacman will lose this time with Ricky Hatton or whoever his opponent is, will he retire or will he ask for a rematch. In my opinion, I would rather want Manny to retire after this fight, win or lose because he has already lots of money, lots of investments I am sure and he has a model endorser career now so what other things can he ask for. You guys, what do you think, is it good that Manny will retire this year or not?

Friday, January 2, 2009

Didith Reyes’s life story to be made into a film.

Remember my previous post here that Didith Reyes died already. Well, she’s really a very controversial woman from birth to death. One of the biggest film industries here in the Philippines wants Didith Reyes’s life to be on the big screen. They said that the life story of the jukebox queen was colorful. The company has already talked to the only son of the late beautiful actress and singer about the project. Maybe until now they are still negotiating the price because the son believes that his mother’s life story was unique. If both parties agree to a price then the film will be started early this year. Although, they don’t know yet who will be chosen to play the character, a lot of people are saying that this film is good for Anne Curtis or Cristine Reyes. Well, I disagree and agree. I agree because they are both sexy and beautiful and can act daring roles too. Disagree because they cannot sing well. They must choose an actress that can sing and act naturally. But if there’s no choice, I want Anne Curtis.