Monday, December 22, 2008

Raising Children is Hard Work.

Have you ever watched a child begging for a certain toy that the parent does not wish to buy? Or a child who wants to run and play outside their house but the parent wants them to stay in the house? But most often, the parent gives in. The parent changes “no” to “yes”.

I think I am one of those parents who always gave in. At first, I was tough to say “no” but later I will give in because my son will not stop asking me until I say “yes”. I don’t believe that good parenting means bending to the will of their children in most things. When he was 3 to 5 years old, it was hard for me to say “no” to him because he cannot understand or accepts any explanations. He will just cry, cry, cry until the sun sets. My youngest is now 7 years old and sometimes, he is still in the stage that if he wants something, don’t say “no”. But today, maybe because he’s not a little kid anymore, I can explain to him a little why I say “no,” but then you can still see the reaction on his face that he’s not happy with you for not allowing him to play or not buying the toy that he wanted. So, what I do is talk to him and we’re going to have an agreement like if he will show me good grades in all his subjects, he can play or I will buy a toy for him. He has 7 subjects in school, I don’t know if my kid is like the other kids. When I say good grades in ALL his subjects, he will ask back if 4 subjects are okay. See, he really doesn’t want to hear from me a “yes” followed by “but”. He wants to end “yes” with a period. I know pampering children, giving them all they want, may cause them to grow up to be “thankless”, spoiled, willful, and unappreciative adults. So, to be a parent, it is not a simple task. Let me know your thoughts on the subject...