Thursday, December 18, 2008

Perfect Christmas Gift

7 days more to go and it’s Christmas. I wonder about the other people all over the world, how they celebrate their Christmas. Is there really a perfect Christmas? When can you say that your Christmas is perfect?

Here in the Philippines , schools from primary and secondary level and some colleges, they have a Christmas party before the Christmas vacation. Companies, big or small, public or private, they also have Christmas partys before the Christmas vacation. After the party, the students will go home with gifts from their exchange-gifts while the employees, especially who are working in a big company, will go home with gifts from their exchange-gifts also plus their bonuses from the company for their hard work during the year.

How about the people leaving on the street, I am sure that they don’t have a Christmas party, but maybe they have yummy foods to share on Christmas eve or maybe, Christmas for them is just like an ordinary day. If somebody will give them a house to live in, maybe they can tell that there is really Christmas and not an ordinary Christmas but a perfect Christmas. For me, Christmas will be perfect if we are all complete. Me, my Roger and my 2 sons eating together at the table on Christmas eve.