Monday, December 15, 2008

People's Champ

Manny Pacquiao is once again, the champion of the Filipino people. After the fight and other engagement activities in Manila , the boxing champion Manny Pacquiao went back to his hometown in General Santos City. His friends, families and all the people there were waiting for his arrival. There was a motorcade again for him. The grand victory party was held inside the gym and all the people from different provinces were all invited whether they are rich or poor, young or old.

Our olds here said that it is hard for Pacquiao to lose the game because of his name. They said that sometimes, the destiny of a person, bad or good, depends on his name. Every name, they said has a meaning. The meaning of Manny Pacquiao’s name is…Manny as “money” same sounds right. Pacquiao, in Tagalog and Visayan word, it's “pak-yaw” which means “take all”. So, the complete meaning of his name is “Take all the money” I don’t know if it is true but it happens now. He takes all the money from the ring.

One thing is good if Manny has a fight, people in the Philippines unite in a couple of hours. Even the notorious people, they forgot to do bad things because they don’t want to miss the fight. The roads are quite because even the public utility jeepney drivers, taxi drivers, they stop for a few hours just to watch Manny Pacquiao’s fight. I just wish that even if it is not the game or fight of Pacquiao, people unite.