Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Lucky Charms for New Year

Another day has passed. No good or bad news here. It was just an ordinary day except that our neighbors were busy talking about the food to prepare on New Year’s Eve and the “Lucky Charms” or what we called in our own language as “PALIHI” that they are going to prepare before New Year’s comes.

Filipinos today, including me, followed the tradition of the Chinese people that before New Year’s comes, you must have 13 kinds of fruits on your table. Some are 12 kinds of fruits. It is believed that having 12 or 13 kinds of fruits will give you good health, prosperity for the coming year, a good job, good business etc. It is also believed that pineapple is good on the table because it has lots of circles on the skin and it looks like eyes and it said that the eyes of this fruit has the ability to see good fortune, good opportunities in business or work.
Another tradition is to wear dotted clothes and coins in your pocket and shake it while you welcome in the New Year. I don’t know where it came from, this belief. All I know is that, I do it every year…lol Dotted clothes symbolizes money they said. Other Filipinos , they welcome the New Year in a very simple way, like getting the tin cooking pot cover and a stick to make a noise and while shouting Happy New Year to everybody.

Well, whatever lucky charms you might make, the bottom line is, in life, if you will not work hard to reach whatever goals you have, you will not achieve it if you will just sleep and lay to your bed for your whole life.