Saturday, December 13, 2008

Didith Reyes declared DOA

She was a juke box queen in 80’s. She was a great singer and a great performer in her own style. You can still hear her songs on the radio until now.

Didith Reyes as her screen named died at 59. She died while sleeping in her room. Doctors found out that she died of cardiac arrest. Didith was pretty and sexy when she was young. You can tell that she’s so very lucky to have a great voice, beautiful face and a sexy body. I remember she was criticized by the people for wearing a very sexy top so that her breasts were almost showing. People at that time were conservative a little. It was like wearing pajamas at the beach was normal. However, Didith was not affected with their comments about wearing such sexy dresses. Her career continued blowing up on the air. Until one day, maybe not contented of what she had and what she was getting from the show business world, she went into “drugs”. She became an alcoholic and addicted to it. She forgot that she had a career to maintain. And when she got older, her name was never heard anymore. It was already in early 2000 that somebody saw her in a small videoke bar. She was old already; you can not see anymore the beautiful Didith Reyes before. Some friends of hers helped her to come back in the show business but of course, she’s old already and cannot compete anymore with the young singers of today. Her life after she shined was a miserable one. Wherever she is now, may her soul rest in piece.

“If GOD gave you a great gift, don’t waste it.”