Sunday, December 14, 2008

The creation of my blog.

When was the blog started? And how it was started? Who was the first blogger? These were my questions on my mind before I created my first blog.
I am currently a member of WOF. I met new friends there. We were talking about funny things, foods, culture, about their new life in a foreign country with their foreign husbands and many more. Sometimes, they were talking about blogs but since I don’t understand it, perhaps its best not to join their topic. One friend told me to join bloggin’ because according to her, it is fun and I can also make money. I asked how. She explained to me a little, just the basic. I was not interested when she told me that I will just write anything to my blog. Oh! Geezz…write? I asked. Oh, no way, I am not a writer I said. Just give me a microphone and I will sing all day and all night for you. Lol.

When they were talking about their income on blogging, I was a little interested. Although the income that they have mentioned were not as big as you’re working on a regular full time job. But at least, it helps them a little to have their own money for shopping. And at the same time, they enjoyed what they were doing on the internet. Again, another friend invited me to join blogging. This time, it was a detailed explanation. I listened and I asked few questions to her. After the explanations, it sounds to me so easy to join. I was thinking of my honey. I want him to do it first. So, I told him everything and I am glad that he’s interested too. He made his first blog. I cant believe it at first when he told me that he has a blog already. I thought It will take days before you can finish your blog but when I saw his blog, oh, I told myself that I can do that also with the help of course of my honey and friends.

The next day, I was sitting here at my computer, thinking what to write to my blog. I remembered my friend in WOF, she told me that I can write anything like what I did the other day or what I might to do on the next day. So, that’s it, I have now an idea on what to write. I wrote my very first post “My coffee and cream”.

Wait for the second part of this post…..