Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Beautiful Boxer

Image from Thai Boxing Camp

Yesterday, we went to my cousin’s place because I was bored here in our house and I also missed my very cute nephew and niece. While we were there, we watched a Thailand movie but there’s an English translation written below the screen so you can just read the lines or dialog of the characters. It was a true-to-life story of a gay boxer. He became popular in their place for being a gay boxer. He won many fights. His father was his trainer and never knew that his son was gay. Only his mother knows who really he is. The scenes were made funny when he was trying to act like a girl in front of the mirror when he was alone inside his room.

He hid his secret to the people but some of his friends noticed already that he is not really a man. One day, while he and his mother were in the room, they made fun, the mother puts on him some make up and very red lipstick. The father was not there in the house and they didn’t expect that the father will get home early. To their surprise, the father was there already standing at the door and was of course, shocked when he saw his son wearing make-up and with a ribbon to his head as a headdress. The father didn’t get mad but instead, he asked his son if he likes to wear make-up. The son answered “yes”. Then the father left the room after telling his son that he can wear make up and lipstick even in the ring. The mother and son cannot believed of what they heard from the father.

Everyday he continued practicing his boxing technique and style. When he had fights again, this time, he was not scared anymore to go up in the ring with make-up. The people laughed at him when they saw that he was wearing make up especially when he was introduced and he danced or acted like a girl. He stopped dancing and he was looking to the people and thinking that the people didn’t accept him as a gay boxer but his father told him not to listen to the people because they just put him down if he loses this fight. The father told him to concentrate to his fight and put it inside his heart. He won that fight again and many more fights followed. He was sent to Japan for another fight but there in Japan , he was interviewed that if he has lots of money, will he change his male sex organ into a female sex organ. His answer is yes if there’s money left for him because he’s going to give the money to his parents if he will win this fight. Well, maybe he is just a good son, he won the fight again. He went home, gave the money to his parents then he asked permission to his parents if he can stop fighting now because he cant be happy and live the rest of his life with his body right now. So, the parents understand that he wants a transplant now. The father signed the papers for his transplant and the operation was a successful one. Right now, She is a popular model and actress in Bankok , Thailand .

There’s a lesson to this movie “Don’t judge the book by it’s cover”.