Why consider having a babymoon?

This has been a trend nowadays – many couples are observing babymoon. A babymoon is the last getaway that first time parents do before they welcome their newest blessing. Here are a few reasons why you and your partner should consider having a babymoon.

1. This is your last getaway without the baby
A life with a newborn can be very challenging for couples. It changes so many things in your household. So before the arrival of your baby, grab that last chance to be with your partner before the little one comes along.

2. To be able to de-stress
Pregnancy can be very tiresome and stressful. This is the perfect time to be able to reenergize yourself together with your partner. You can go to a place that offers a prenatal massage, or help yourself to a lemon water, but make sure the place will not overexert you too much by too much walking or stairs.

3. To bond with your partner
You may be both busy at work – take this chance to be away from the hustles and bustles of the city and give you…

Hot Weather?

When the weather gets hot, most people instinctively seek a place that is cooler and more comfortable. However, not everyone is so fortunate. The frequency of heatstroke among persons age 65 and older is 12 to 13 times that found in other age groups. Also those of low socioeconomic status suffer more than others.

Heatstroke tends to occur more frequently among residents of homes without air conditioning or which are surrounded by only sparse growth of trees and shrubbery. Living in the upper floors of multi-storey building is also associated with heatstroke because of increased exertion from climbing stairs.

Other persons often suffering discomfort and heatstroke are military recruits, those exposed to high temperatures at work, the chronically ill or bedfast, alcoholics, the mentally ill, and those taking nervous-system drugs.

During hear waves those at highest risk should reduce their activity and avoid the heat as much as possible, staying in the coolest available place, not neces…

We're a Band Member Long Time Ago

I was so happy to see my friend again yesterday. She is married to an Australian man, and they are living in Australia. She arrived a week ago with her husband and only son. We were in the band when we were young. She was the lead guitarist, and I was the singer. We had a blast yesterday as we also celebrate her son's 2nd birthday. We talked a lot of things, like what happened to the rest of the band members. She told me that she still plays guitar in Australia, but not on the stage anymore. Anyhow, she is looking for an allen and heath qu 32 at Guitar Center. She wants to give it to her brother since her brother also works in the band.

4 Ways to Save on Your Next Vacation

Whether your family were headed to the temples of Kyoto or the lights of Vegas, you'll definitely enjoy it more if you aren't blowing an entire year's salary on your trip. Here are just four tips for traveling on a budget.

1. Be Smart About Travel Insurance
Compare and contrast agencies before purchasing travel insurance. Look for discounts offered to students, seniors and frequent flyers. Take advantage of special packages that include things like medical insurance bundled with cancellation insurance.

2. Visit at the Right Time
It's important to avoid tourist season while traveling. Not only will you miss the crowds, but you'll also save money because no prices will be inflated by stores and vendors looking to cash in on the extra business.

3. Pack Lightly
Baggage fees can really add up when you're flying internationally. Learn how to "roll" your clothes like flight attendants do so you can take just a carry-on bag instead of checking your luggage. …

Simple Tips on Hiring a Mover

When hiring a mover, ask for a fixed bid. This will put a ceiling on your moving costs. If you ask only for an estimate, the final bill could be much higher than you expect.

The bid will not include insurance unless you ask for it explicitly. Purchase full replacement value insurance from the mover. Find out which items are not covered under the mover's insurance, and buy a floater policy, also from the mover, to cover them.

Examples: Antiques, artwork. Have the mover pack fragile items, they will not be covered by insurance if you pack them yourself. Buy boxes from a moving supply company. Mover's boxes are typically more expensive.

Caution: Free used boxes from grocery and liquor stores are often infested with mites.

Guide to Choosing the Best Mattress for You

It is no accident that buying a mattress is so complex. Manufacturers issue the same mattresses under various model names, making it difficult to compare prices. But there is a way.

Use the manufacturer's name and the mattress type, along with coil count and wire gauge, to make sure you are comparing prices on the same product.

Coils provide support, look for a coil count of 400 or more. Ample padding is important for comfort. A good mattress should last 10 years.

When you shop for mattress, make sure there is a return policy. Most reputable mattress stores have a 30-day return policy, although it may not always be advertised.

Take your time trying out the mattress. It takes lying on a bed in one position for five to seven minutes to know if you'll be comfortable sleeping on it.

Photo source: Uratex Foam

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